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a very gifted and bright and lovely child and everyone was completely stunned. my son was eight years old and a good friend of not so there was a personal connection to a mother who was alleged to do something so horrific but yet the mother of my son's close friend. >> [applause] >> i have never got that
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kind of reaction and before. [laughter] vp of communications here at heritage it is my pleasure to welcome ann coulter to the heritage foundation and author of at "new york times" best sellers and the new one "demonic" it is funny my colleagues know when i read her column because i read laugh out loud like a madman in my office. she is witty, clever, courageous and tackles issues that many will not and stands of four per believes were others will waffle because she has deep condition -- convictions and understands conservatism in the audience somewhere is ronald reagan distinguished fellow here at the heritage one foundation vice president. [applause]
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and stan evans? are you here? the author who really wanted to come i am thinking he will make it. the reason i recognizing them they are conservative icons and ann coulter is that other figure. she will take questions from you and i ask we may not have time for pictures of this is a signing first and afterwards there is time she will take pictures of there is time. >> thank you for coming. i really wanted to speak after the book signing but it turns out they are serving beer and whine and
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that is the ideal audience to get liquor about. [laughter] i don't have prepared remarks -- remarks but i never imagine you look ahead who else has a book who are you competing with on amazon? never in a million years imagined i would be competing with the wiener datuk. [laughter] unlike anthony wiener you can tell even if i am standing behind the podium. [laughter] i assume to you all had a chance to read some of my book or c1 of my 8 million interviews in the last 10 days but quickly i will say demonic is a description of the mob which is always demonic and demons are always moms and i describe said democratic party and liberalism starting with the french revolution with the
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results of the mob and it has been that way 200 years and in the process of writing the of book i now understand liberals and a whenever did before i considered myself as an expert but the things that confused me was for example, paul krugman, frank rich, they must be applied but they did well on their as a tea but they seem so stupid and. [laughter] that is explained as crowd psychology that people in the crowd will lose some of their intelligence the matter how intelligent they are grasping onto conspiracies turn people into enemies it is the mob psychology beautifully described liberals not in the way you could say the same thing about conservatives.
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that is all i will say right now because you all get a copy tonight but i would love to take questions because then i don't need prepared remarks. [laughter] >> [inaudible] this. >> i love the view i have been on four times they have been lovely to me the last time when they all yelled at me i would have to wait for a pause to get something out that was the only time barbara walters was on the show. so by process of elimination [laughter] i think the rest of them are lovely and actually led has tour because instantly liberals usually fixate on one point* in my book and twisted around that is the
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only thing i talk about which gets really tedious and for the first time i being asked about the book which on one hand is great that is nice to be able to talk about it but i am really ready for a massive tax fight for my book sales will suffer. [laughter] >> it looks like chris christie is not running. who is next? >> that would like to say if my boy does not run he will go from being my love to my enemy for life. [laughter] i am now designing my parachute so i can dive into the the governor's mansion and i really do think he should run because the country needs and i think he is head and shoulders above the of the candidates wanting worth noting every single republican money night is better than john mccain. [applause] it is not that i intensely
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dislike any candidates but we have a hold mainstream media against us we need a star also he won the governorship in one of the most left-wing states and the union and i was shocked when he won i would have lost bets on that. i don't think it is a guarantee he will win reelection so he would be a loser next time and third we have an amazingly republicans and team coming up if he runs for governor he is stunningly articulate which is something for a republican with says our candidates usually can put two sentences together but yet we wince of we get one of them to talk that would be something you have chris kovach the same thing and marco rubio is turning out to be a fantastic senator so
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we have this amazing talent it will not be a cakewalk and six years particularly because i will be his sworn enemy if he does not run this time. [laughter] psat amex how tall are you? i am 6-foot 6 inches. >> i think it is 8.7 inches. [laughter] give or take. [inaudible] >> counting on the heritage foundation this should be a good year unfortunately in 2010 we had a lot of
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enthusiasm and anger about obamacare but it was the luck of the job we didn't have good senate seats even though the democrats hold a 60 o 70% of the sun it was about 50/50 the democrats to were up for reelection and in the solid blue states we didn't have many opportunities but that changes next year and a three years from now they are too fantastic years to pick up seats and i don't know how republicans will blow it. i am sure they will come up with something and it is your job to stop them. >> [inaudible] the. >> thank you very much for coming and i am serious you think the liberals have a clue about the spiritual component to why conservatives are lows?
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you'll have to let their policies but it goes beyond that. >> yes. that is covered more extensively in my book three books back god bless and i think that explains why you do see the mob psychology characteristics on the left and really don't see it among the republicans and we know from the polls that most republicans believe in god and democrats to deny those who claim that do are lying and if you believe in god it is a vertical relationship you don't have to care what people say in the crowd around do and in fact, christians like to be hated because christ said we would be so it makes us feel macho where if you don't have the upper down relationship with god, then you really have to care what the people around you think. that is 21 to approval from
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the imaginary "new york times" editor listening to every it exhortation hoping jon stewart we'll say anything mean about your life to the conservatives don't care what people think that is why i think the liberals do not believe in god because they are assessed with people around them think. >> what advice you have a for college campuses? >> do not go to loss gore. [laughter] fine you would be throwing your life away. unless you will be a scumbag trial lawyer like john edwards you will not work-- to make that much money but working for the
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rest of your life on the weekend i met somebody with the strangest jobber are sid did you know, you would be doing this in a college? of course, she laughed. i no. the person who designs food for tv commercials so it looks attractive the lighting and how you put on the plate. there are a lot of jobs out there and i think john conservative should go into the media, hollywood, public-sch ool teachers, the pay is fantastic by the way. [laughter] college professors line college republicans could teach me a few tricks if you're an open republican apparently you are not going with the flow that is where you first see the of bathetic mess as they suck up to their professor teacher and found another
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example of homophobia and hamlet. [laughter] that is fine. settle down you really don need advice from me some did come up with catch the illegal alien game which i am bowled over an aberration with with the affirmative action bake sale. idled think i need to teach college republicans anything but the truth is inherently appealing and a lot of college kids that is why i constantly speak despite the risk of physical violence but half of the audience doesn't have clearly defined political believes i am the only one they will hear and a lot of things like this have happened but at syracuse a couple of years ago one of them afterwards you telling me what a say at
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the green meeting i said are you a secret mall? he said no. i used to be green. what changed you? i gave -- decided to the speech right after 9/11 and your the only one who made sense and it is just warming their opinions and did you speak the truth is inherently appealing. >> thank you for stopping bar. i would like to read to quotes as long as democrats can win elections by demagogy they are perfectly happy to turn us into a banana republic to put us on a high-speed bullet train to bankruptcy as they refuse to do with entitlements. second, cutting spending will be a better environment for job creation to muddle current issue with the entitlement programs tax increases that is what the next budget process is for
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we have plenty of opportunity to talk about that. the speaker of the house of representatives. is it safe to say both have the and reliable record to pursue entitlements? [laughter] >> yes. if i was picking out my most choice quotes from the book so security reform would not be heads but i have said this to the republican audiences, they may complain about the politicians and the czech and sometimes they're not chickens but responding to the people and that is the great thing about the tea party movement you do have americans who have not been thinking about politics. they are busy. they have jobs. >> now they start to notice security and medicare are ponzi schemes. i don't know if you watch
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msnbc like baidu but they constantly denounce the idea it is an insult like we used the n word against social security. it is the definition of the ponzi scheme incoming money goes out to current recipients that is the bernie madoff plan. and the creators of social security knew perfectly well they were creating that everybody would love them but they would be dead and buried before it went bankrupt but we have to educate people about that i think the republicans instead of proposing plans to reform social security and medicare should do nothing but talk about the problems how current medicare recipients are receiving three times what they paid just keep talking about the problems and hear what the democrats have to say.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] you mean it is unfair to zero michelle bachmann in the same boat with sarah palin? >> i think she emerged from that comparison on monday night. michelle bachmann is magnificent i also think you cannot win the presidency from the house of representatives. of many if you are from minnesota you better go do some organizing to run for the senate or as a governor. thank you. they take my orders. [laughter] thank you very much. [applause] >> please form an orderly line for the book signing. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> so nice to syli damper area or a great man. i keep seeing you at these things but i don't get to talk to you. come back so we can talk some time. good to see you. nice to meet you.
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>> who is that? finreg somebody who handed me a book. [laughter] >> you are a nice man. >> this is for steven and into the. >> the third one is mine. this is far mary kate and diane. >> that was fun.
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are you from michigan? >> no. i just go to school there. thank you very much. can i have the cover signed? >> sure. >> that is a beautiful cover >> look this way if we are taking a picture. >> thank you very much hello. i thought you looked familiar. exxon. -- excellent way to doing now elizabeth? >> i am and college. >> that is great. do not go to law school. >> hello i am christina.
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>> nice to meet you i just want to sag graduated from college since your book has taught me more than any professor. >> nice to meet you. i think this makes the excellent father's day gift. where you from? >> texas. >> who do work for? you are still a republican? a nice to meet you. [laughter] >> this is for father's day?
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>> it is for father's day. he is a big fan. >> where you from? >> merrill lynch originally sought an affair is a growing tea party movement. >> i have heard. >> of pleasure to meet you. >> >> you are catching on. [laughter] smack
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hello. i am from or against the macquarie doing in washington? >> i am here with one of the university's. >> is this for you? >> i am glad you were in town. >> tomorrow. >> from the heritage foundation. >> nice to meet you. >> where you from? >> virginia smith how long have you been here? >> two and a half years. >> hello nice to meet you.
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i thought you looked familiar. >> this is for my dad he wanted to make sure that i came to say hello to. >> thank you for all that you do. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> i talked to the last stafford. >> can you have a cartel while i finish this then we can talk? [laughter] it is so good to see is. >> rihanna radios today? -- were you on the radio today? >> that is my girl. >> they cannot let it go. >> we will see you later
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when did you get the picture? thank you. >> thank you for everything that you do. each of them that was so they can read it at the same time? you are a genius. or there could be a fight over the book still met with their mother coming from kentucky where did she come from? paducah? >> i may be back there next month. >> thank you again. nice to meet you. nice to meet you.
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>> you are good. [laughter] you chalet my writing is like chickens scratch even when i concentrate. >> nice to meet you what a fantastic brothers day day -- fantastic other
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state. >> and did you get one for your father? >> he passed away a few years ago. >> i have a fair for you and someone that you love. >> thank you now i am working. thank you for your comments when you are stuck in traffic it is great this is far my father. >> this is the perfect gift. >> hello. nice to meet you.
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that it is nice of you. >> i ordered your book online. >> nice to meet you. [inaudible] dain keogh. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]

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